Many questions can be answered in our Parent/Student Handbook.  Please refer to Parent/Student Handbook if your question is not answered here.

Where do I drop off my child in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon?
  •   Parent drop off is located in the side parking lot of the school.  Parents line cars up along the curb and wait for staff to unload children. Drop off begins at 7:25 a.m.  If you arrive after 7:40, you will need to bring your child into the office. Please do not drop off children in the front of the school.  Preston Avenue can be dangerous at this time of day.
  • In the afternoon, parents line their cars up along the curb in the side parking lot at the rear of the primary wing (not the back parking lot).  Staff will escort children to their parents' cars.  Children will not be allowed to go with an unscheduled driver due to safety reasons.  If someone different needs to pick up children, the change must be made in writing prior to pick-up to avoid delays.  ID may be required of persons unknown to staff.

Who is authorized to pick up my child at school?

Any person who is listed on your child's emergency card may pick up your child from school.  It is important to list all persons who may do this on your card to avoid delays in picking up your child.  If someone who is not listed will pick up your child, a written note must be submitted to the office.  Identification will be required.

How can I find out about bus routes and schedules?

Bus routes and schedules are posted in the newspaper at the beginning of the school year and are also accessible on RCPS website through your parent portal.  If you have specific questions about bus schedules, please call Mountain Valley Transportation at 777-0101.
Does my child have to be met at the bus stop?

All kindergarten children must be met by an adult at the bus stop.  Older children will be let off at their scheduled stop. 

May my child ride a different bus home from his usual bus? 

All changes in bus routes must be approved by Mountain Valley Transportation.  Please call 777-0101.

What do I do if my child needs to go home a different way?

A written note must be provided stating how your child will go home.  This includes bus number changes as well as parent pick-up changes.

Can my child be given medicine at school?

A physcian's order and a signed request from parents or legal guardians is required for medicine to be dispensed at school.  Students cannot bring medicine to school.  Parents must bring the medicine to the school nurse in a new, unopened bottle.   The school nurse or trained staff are the only persons authorized to dispense medication to your child.  Over the counter medicines such as cough drops, medicated skin cremes must also be brought to the nurse by a parent.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MEDICATIONS IN YOUR CHILD'S BACKPACK.

When is the best time to call my children's teachers?
Teachers are instructing the class between 7:45-2:20.  If you call during the day, you may leave a message for your children's teachers and they will return your call as soon as possible.