Homework for the week of 9/25/17 to 9/29/17

Reading: Your child should read for 20 minutes each night. The story for the week is "Pop's Bridge" found on pg. 112 in their Journeys Book.

Monday: Complete vocabulary Work Sheet
Tuesday: Complete Tall Mary/Short Harry WS on comparing and contrasting.
Wednesday: Complete The Beach and The Mountains Comparing and Contrasting WS
Thursday: Complete Comprehension WS on "Pops Bridge"
Friday: NONE! :)

Spelling: Your child should complete 5 activities from the spelling choice board that will be going home this week. Your child only needs to complete one activity each night and add it to their spelling notebook to practice their spelling words. As a reminder, spelling tests are given on Wednesday's and students receive new words on Thursday's.

Monday: Fact Families Triangle Sheet #2
Tuesday: Changing Tires WS
Wednesday: Fact Families WS
Thursday: Identity/Commutative Properties WS
Friday: NONE! :)

Social Studies/Science: Look over sheets completed for each subject each day.