Supply List 2020-21

Preston School Supply List 2020-2021.doc


  Standard size backpack

  6 glue sticks

  2 plastic folders with pockets

  Composition notebook (journal type: not spiral bound)

  2 clear plastic containers with lids (shoe box size)

  3 boxes of tissues

  2 pkg. unscented wet (baby) wipes

  1 container disinfecting wipes

  Child-size blanket or beach-size towel

  Extra set of clothes, including socks, shoes, and underwear (please label)



  Standard size backpack

  1 pair scissors (metal cutting blades)

  3 boxes of regular size (24 count) crayons

  1 bottle of white glue

  4 pocket folders: 2 red & 2 purple – plastic

  24 glue sticks

  1 regular size pencil pouch (no boxes please)

  12 pencils with erasers

  3 boxes of tissues

  1 set of colored pencils

  2 composition  notebook (no spiral wires)

  1 pack of 8 basic color washable markers

  1 watercolor paint palette (8 colors)

  2 bottles of unscented hand sanitizer with pumps (8 oz. or larger)

  1 pack of unscented baby wipes

  Girls – 1 box of sliding zipper gallon or 1 box of zipper sandwich bags

  Boys – 1 box snack size or 1 box of zipper sandwich bags

  One set of clothing for emergency changes (each  item individually

  labeled, all items in a large zipper bag or shoe-sized plastic box)

  1 package plain paper plates (not coated or Styrofoam)

  2 containers of disinfecting wipes

  1 pack of dry erase markers


                                     GRADE 1


   Standard size pencil box 

   24 -  #2 pencils with erasers (pre-sharpened) 

   1 personal pencil sharpener with cover   

   2 large pink erasers 

   1 pkg. colored pencils 

   2  boxes of 24 count crayons (maximum) 


   24 glue sticks 

   1 – 4 pack dry erase markers – skinny markers 

   1  black & white marbled composition notebook

   1 plastic folder with pockets  

   1 bottle of hand sanitizer

   2  boxes of tissues 

   1 pack of disinfecting wipes  (if you can find them)

   1 pair of earbuds or headphones 




   40 - #2 pencils

   1 pencil box or pouch

   24 count crayons

   1 – 4 pack dry erase markers

   4  composition books

   3 pocket folders

   1 pair scissors

   20 glue sticks

   Girls - 1 box of gallon size zipper bags

   Boys - 1 box of quart size or sandwich size zipper bags

   2  containers of disinfecting wipes

   3 large boxes of tissues

   4 large pink or white erasers

   1 set of ear buds/headphones

   1 – 4 pack highlighters


                     GRADE 3

4 spiral notebooks

2 pocket folders

10 glue sticks

1 box of crayons or colored pencils

1 pair of scissors

1 pack of pencils

1 4 pack of EXPO dry erase markers

2 boxes of tissues

2 large bottles of hand sanitizer

2 boxes of gallon zip lock bags

2 boxes sandwich size zip lock bags

2 containers of disinfecting wipes

1 set of headphones

1 small handheld pencil sharpener


                      GRADE 4

Supply List for In-Person:

We would like for returning students to bring their LAPTOPS,


JUNEBUG back with them when they return to school.


6 notebooks

4 glue sticks

1 pk expo markers

1 pk crayons


2pk pencils

pink eraser/eraser tops

1 pk highlighters


                    GRADE 5


  Mechanical pencils (Students will not be able to share pencils. You may need to             

  replace your child’s supply throughout the school year.

  1 pack wide ruled notebook paper

  4 jumbo glue sticks

  Colored pencils


  1 large box of tissues

2 - two pocket plastic folders

  2 marble composition notebooks

 3 single subject spiral notebooks

  Fabric pencil pouch (no boxes)

  1 box Clorox wipes

  1 large box of tissues

  Earbuds (that will fit in your pencil pouch)